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Buddha Hemp: Who are we?

Buddha Hemp: Who are we?

19th Aug 2020

We want to know you, so why not get to know us?

In the early 2000’s, the idea of CBD becoming normalized was so taboo, but we sought to bring that idea to life. Our family-owned company (powered by generations of farmers and medical professionals) started with genetic cultivation which, fast forward to today, expanded into something beyond our greatest dreams: licensed acreage farms in Oregon and California.

We believe that quality is the driving force in our 100% delicious and 100% Premium CBD products. Made from plant-based ingredients, we embrace a holistic and balanced approach to life and apply this approach throughout our product line and company. With products from capsules and oils, to gummies, and even pre-rolls, it’s not hard to find something that is perfect for you!

Like our namesake, we strive to implement the basic principles of Buddha’s teachings into all of our products and facets of our business. We aspire to enlighten the minds, bodies, and souls of our consumers by delivering products that meet not only the highest standard in quality, but also in effectiveness. Here at Buddha Hemp, we understand the importance of delivering the right message, so our focus is on properly handling our products from the moment it’s planted to the moment it reaches your hands. All of this just for you!

We only have one mission in mind and that is to deliver standardized CBD products handled from our soil right to your doorstep.

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